TS1500 and TS1000 Tensile Stages for EBSD

Results of tensile test of a SUS304 annealed specimen. See Application Note for details.

What are TS1500 and TS1000 in situ Tensile Stages?

These SEM Tensile stages are designed by EBSD experts at TSL Solutions KK primarily for EBSD work. Thus performance parameters important for EBSD have been designed and heavily tested and have an outstanding field record. They are compact, retrofittable to most SEMs. They are robust and reliable. However, some customers also use them for applications other than EBSD.

The TS1500 1500N specification Tensile Stage.
The TS1500 1500N specification Tensile Stage.

What is special or unique about TS1500 and TS1000 in situ Tensile Stages?

Readily retrofittable to most existing SEMs

The in situ stages are very compact and designed to be fixed to the SEM stage like a normal sample-holder. This can be done without any modification of the native SEM stage. Thus the SEM may remain as a multi-application electron microscope and be readily switched between the heating stage application and any other.

1500N and 100N versions

Why have 2 such specifications? Clearly for those who need 5kN or 10kN these stages are not the solution. However, in such cases, the SEM must usually be bought to fit the stage. The TS1500 can be retrofitted to most general-purpose SEMs. There are, however, general-purpose SEMs (meaning SEMs not dedicated purely to in situ tensile work) with particularly small analysis chambers. The1000N specification stage fits many of these tiny chamber SEMs.

Designed for EBSD by EBSD Experts

These stages are designed by people who have spent a lifetime working on EBSD. Thus, for example, the sample fixing method is very carefully considered and developed to minimise movement, EBSD tilt and pre-tilt, together with detector clash considerations are an integral part of the design, programming (PID or manual), 70° tilt for EBSD, et cetera.

Application Notes

Datasheet / Specifications for Tensile Stages

In order to obtain the datasheet and specifications for tensile stages please contact us via the form below to receive a copy.

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