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Shorten the time for wafer process feedback with Zeta 380i/300i’s Auto Defect Review
Zeta 300  Acutance Scientific Ltd 2011 - 2017
FAST Scan a full 4-inch wafer for defects as small as 1μm in diameter in 1.5 minutes. Use the defect map to visually review and classify defects, spending only a few seconds per defect SIMPLE Easy recipe setup and defect inspection combined with automated defect review using the defect map file COMPLETE The Zeta300 package can be configured with all the software and hardware needed for comprehensive defect detection and analysis – as well as Zeta’s proven Optical Profiler technology for measuring and reporting PSS dimensions.  
Optimized for productivity

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for HBLED - Zeta 300

The Zeta300 System is a fully automated inspection package optimized for examining HBLED substrates such as bare, epi and PSS/patterned sapphire wafers. The Zeta300 is equipped with the auto defect review feature saves time and simplifies defect analysis. The 3D images and analysis from the Zeta300 provide the answers for most defects. This reduces the number of defects that need to be reviewed by the time-consuming and expensive AFM or SEM analysis. Defect Scans can be optimized based on throughput and sensitivity requirements. Production scans can be run as fast as 35 seconds for a 2-inch wafer or 1.5 minutes for a 4-inch round wafer. The Zeta3D software can bin out defects based on size, intensity and aspect ratio.

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