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With 15 nm Z resolution, excellent for general purpose analysis. Standard software provides True Color imaging, 2D and 3D image control, and analysis of step height, roughness, and dimensions, even on samples with transparent materials and highly variable reflectivities.  
Measure the most difficult surfaces with the versatile and powerful Zeta 20 3D Optical Profiler
Zeta 20  Acutance Scientific Ltd 2011 - 2017
Zeta ZDot System

Zeta-20 Optical Profiler

Based on proprietary ZDot™ technology, the Zeta-20 images and analyzes surface features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, low reflectivity to high reflectivity, transparent to opaque in true colour. Hardware and software options customize the Zeta-20 for specialized measurement needs. All hardware is easy to install and easy to use. In addition, there is a range of powerful options including thin film measurement, interferometry, automated stitching, Nomarski differential interference contrast and much more.

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