Set your sights on the best: CAMECA Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry is the benchmark at the leading laboratories worldwide.
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Recent release: IMS 7f-Auto includes multi-sample  automation
NanoSIMS instrument schematic showing co-axial input and output beams as a means to short working-distance and so fine spatial resolution. Click for more. IMS 1280HR combined High Mass Resolution/High Transmission - separate Ca40 and K40 mass peaks. Click for more. IMS 7f-Auto Ion Probe Magnetic Sector SIMS. Click for more. High depth-resolution SIMS IMS Wf/SCU showing 0.7nm/decade resolution. CAMECA SIMS4550 Quadrupole SIMS system. CAMECA WinCurve SIMS Data-Processing Software.
IMSWf SC Ultra
Quad SIMS4550
WinCurve Data Proc

CAMECA SIMS instruments

set the global benchmark for

Secondary Ion Mass


  CAMECA’s mag-sector secondary ion mass spectrometers are seen as the benchmark by the world’s leading materials (geochemistry, nuclear forensics, semiconductor) and microbiology labs. From NanoSIMS, which offers isotopic imaging down to <50nm lateral resolution, to the IMS1280HR, which boasts extraordinary transmission simultaneous with high resolution, the CAMECA range sets the global standard.  

CAMECA SIMS Instruments

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