LEAP - 3D Atom Probe Tomography
3D Atom Probe Tomography is a new, powerful, and promising elemental & isotope analysis technique for the nanoscale characterization of materials
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CAMECA LEAP 4000X - 3D Atom Probe Tomography


3D mapping of individual atom locations and species, 0.1 - 0.5nm resolution

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Click on the thumbnails (above) to select new image  1) V-Defect in Indium-rich Quantum Wells. This image by Robert Ulfig, CAMECA, won the  contest for the cover of Electronic Device Failure Analysis August 2012 issue. It features the 3D mapping of an Indium rich quantum wells shorted by a V-defect with Mg at the core. The  analysis depth displayed is approximately 160nm. For  clarity, only a fraction of the atoms are displayed.Pale Green: Ga and N atoms - Dark Green: Mg atoms - Blue: Isoconcentration surfaces of the In QWs where In > 0.25 at%. 2) Iron-based Superalloy Three-dimensional views of primary, secondary, and tertiary phases ,from near micron to sub nanometer scale, that provide strength an            d high temperature creep resistance in Iron-based Superalloys. C. Stallybrass, G. Sauthoff, A. Schneider, and Y. Degas, Max Planck Institut-Düsseldorf 4) Individual atoms in a Metal Gate Transistor. Intel i-5 Device in 3D View of 'off the shelf' analysis of a high-performance CMOS transistor with a High-k metal gate transistor. D. Larson et al., ISTFA (2011). Schematic from Figure from J. Mardinly, 15th Conference Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials (2007)                                                  
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3) Arsenic ring Cottrell Atmospheres The concentrated Arsenic decorates defect structures formed from the ion implantation and subsequent anneal. Here, individual As atoms are represented by small spheres. For a proxigram 3D concentration contour analysis of this data see this page. Thompson, K., P. L. Flaitz, et al. (2007). "Imaging of Arsenic Cottrell Atmospheres Around Silicon Defects by Three- Dimensional Atom Probe Tomography." Science 317: 1370- 1374. 
5) Coherent Scandium precipitates in an ordered (L12), high creep resistant Al3Sc alloy. The (100) Scandium planes are visible in the image, occurring every other cycle of the aluminum matrix.     Seidman, et. al. Acta Materialia 50, (2002).
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