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Klocke Nanotechnik Micromanipulator / Nanorobot systems for use in SEM FIB and Production Lines
Micromanipulator systems
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The difference between buying micromanipulators and buying an integrated solution is often the difference between having a tailored solution and no solution at all. Every system is bespoke for each customer’s application - and Klocke is reknowned for breaking new application ground. Whether you want to sort aerosol particles in a SEM, machine parts on the nanoscale or microscale to a given pattern, have a nanorobotic assembly line as we have made for a major multinational, make elecrical probe measurements on the nanoscale, want to do something that has never been done before or merely TEM lamella lift-out, Klocke provides preceisely tailored solutions.  
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Programmable, Sensing Micromanipulators

Klocke Nanotechnik micromanipulator systems lead the field with unique capabilities: User-programmable operation sequences Sensing 3D-Nanofinger® measures surface positions and profiles and self- calibrates the robot against the sample-surface to a resolution of 0.5nm "Global positioning co-ordinates for all micromanipulators ensure successful multirobot co-operation in the nanospace Cartesian axis system, not tilt: move  in one axis without cross-talk to another Integrated system tailored to make your application work, not independent micromanipulators “Live Imaging”: SEM imaging slaved to Robot Control enables “click to move to point” Complex nanorobotic processes include automatic zoom & pan User-Programming reduces risk, enables complex processes and automation Cartesian Axes – no unwanted nanomovements Proof-of-Concept Funding possibility
Klocke pioneered TEM Lamella liftout in the early 1990s

For more detailed information on the Klocke Nanotechnik micromanipulation system, contact Acutance at or on +44 (0)1892 300 400.

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