IMS 7f Auto
CAMECA IMS 7f - a high performance, compact, universal magnetic sector SIMS
 Acutance Scientific Ltd 2011 - 2017



High Performance, compact, universal magnetic sector SIMS, for geoscience (7f Geo) and materials science

including semiconductors, metallurgy, metallic thin films, and insulators.

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  Unparalleled depth profiling capabilities - deep and shallow depth profiles Extreme sensitivity - trace element analysis and mapping in the ppm and ppb ranges High mass resolution capability High dynamic range Best detection limits on light and trace elements Both direct and scanning ion imaging modes IMS 7f is used on a wide range of challenging applications including glass, metals, ceramics, Si based devices, bulk materials, thin films, LED materials,…

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IMS 7f Geo, contact Acutance at or on +44 (0)1892 300 400.

E & OE
CAMECA Science and Metrology Solutions - SIMS, Atom Probe Tomography, Electron Probe for Material Analysis
Now the IMS 7f-Auto offers improved automation and operation efficiency with New, in-line, automated primary column, Advanced automation routines for instrument tuning and optionally Motorized storage chamber & sample exchange.
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