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EBSD Tensile Stages / Heating Stages
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Tensile Stages and Heating Stages for EBSD

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These TSL Solutions KK specimen stages, high pedigree design, are In-Situ tensile and heating stages which can be combined with EBSD/OIM observation. Different stages can apply either one axis tensile force (up to 2000N) or heating (up to 1000°C) to the specimen for direct observation of microstructure changes of the specimen. Dynamic observation of these phenomena is available by combining with EBSD/OIM and the stages are carefully designed with EBSD/OIM requirements in mind. The several stage designs need no modification on SEM stages. They can be set onto the SEM stage in the same manner as standard  specimen holders.
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TSL Solutions KK Logo / Banner EBSD Heating Stage e TSL Solutions KK HSEA-1000: observation of alpha/gamma phase transformation of low carbon steel TSL Solutions KK Tensile Stage TS-1500

TS-1500 (Max load: 1500N)