3D Atom Probe Tomography example - proxigram 3D contours in Arsenic Cottrell Atmospheres
3a) Arsenic ring Cottrell Atmospheres In this analysis of the same dataset, a different concentration level is set for the proxigram contours. As a consequence, individual Arsenic atoms are seen (purple dots) at ~5E19/cm^3 (peak of the implant), and then there are isoconcentration surfaces (purple) that enclose >~2% arsenic.  The concentrated Arsenic decorates defect structures formed from the ion implantation and subsequent anneal.  The light blue surface is > ~10% oxygen, highlighting the native oxide at the original surface of the wafer.
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Thompson, K., P. L. Flaitz, et al. (2007). "Imaging of Arsenic Cottrell Atmospheres Around Silicon Defects by Three-Dimensional Atom Probe Tomography." Science 317: 1370-1374. 
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