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Zeta Instruments True Colour 3D Optical Profilers with options for Thin Film Measurement, Interferometers, Nomarski DIC, Autostitching and much more
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Zeta 3D Optical Profilers can take a full 3D map in less than a minute. Such saved map data can be used for subsequent extraction of line profiles such as that above on LED PSS bumps, step height measurements, roughness measurements both along line profiles and of chosen areas. Standard Zeta 20 with no additional options easily measures down to 15nm step- height measurement. High- performance options can be added to measure down to extreme values.  
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Despite offering interferometer options that measure down to extremely small values and map in false colour, the Zeta operates in its most popular mode in true colour. This simple benefit can be very useful for many samples such as the metal sample above. Nomarski (DIC) can be used for measurement of super-polished roughness. Shearing and Michelson interferometer options extend the size of area that can be instantaneously captured and to reduce measurable step-height.  
...true colour...and more.
Thin film measurements can be made by means of an optional white light spectral reflectometer, rapidly measuring films from 30nm to 1 micron thickness. There are many other options, including stage automation for stitching very large areas, Nomarski QDIC (Differential Interference Contrast), Interferometer options and others. The range and capability of the Zeta offering makes it extremely productive - and all at extremely competitive prices.  
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